Rare stamps

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Rare stamps

Below are some of the rare items which have been sold in past Cherrystone sales. Click any thumbnail to enlarge the image. Please note that there are many stamps which look like those pictured below. Some of the differences between rare and common stamps are subtle. All rights reserved. Gallery of Rarities Below are some of the rare items which have been sold in past Cherrystone sales.

July United States 10c green, Z.

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July United States 3c rose, B. March United States 4c blue, error of color, n. July United States 2c carmine, perf. February Western Ukraine 50sh on 42h chocolate, position 14, n. November Newfoundland 3c red brown, the so-called "Hawker", signed "J. September Great Britain 1p black, "V. August United States 10c black on greenish, Type I, large margins all around, intense early shade and impression showing every detail with perfect clarity, fresh and bright paper, tied by "St.

Louis Mo. August Great Britain I. Official, 10sh ultramarine, watermarked Anchor, perf. March Spain Planes and landscapes, prepared but never released 2 Pts ultramarine, 2 Pts lilac, 2 Pts green, 5 Pts red and 5 Pts gray black, perf.

rare stamps

June Russia Definitives watermarked 18k violet, imperforate lower left sheet corner margin strip of four, with complete imprint "Nabrno-Blanoch. June Russia Definitives unissued 5k red size 14,25x21,25mmline-perf. December Russia World War II, 45k deep dull blue, bottom right sheet corner margin block of four, perforated only at left, thus leaving the right stamps completely imperf!

December China unsurcharged Red Revenue stamp, 3c red, perf. December China Dr. December Great Britain I. March Canada Edward, 50c purple, top sheet margin and "Ottawa No. January Russia 20r on 15k brown and violet blue, imperf. January Switzerland "Double Geneva", 10c black on yellow green, full to large margins all around, v. January China - P.There are a number of reasons why a stamp might achieve notoriety and an eye-watering price tag that reflects a serious collectors desire to add this rarity to their collection.

Stamps have proved to be a reasonable alternative investment when you look at some of the returns achieved over a period of time and if have the opportunity and the cash to acquire any of these top ten, you will probably be a very satisfied philatelist.

Maybe a slim chance of acquiring this rare and valuable stamp. There were only issued and one of them is on display at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum. With a face value of 24 cents and some as 2 dollars, these stamps are famous because the biplane featured in the picture was printed upside down by mistake. This set a new record for the highest price ever offered for any American stamp item of any period.

There are only two known examples of this U. This stamp was part of a collection of ten stamps that had a face value of between one and ninety cents.

The series of stamps was the first to make us of bicolor printing and was often criticized for the confusing arrangement of colors and the fact that it made the stamps appear to be poorly designed.

As you might expect, its value derives not from the fact that it was the first stamp to be printed using a new technique but because some of the stamps became inverted during the printing process.

Not surprisingly, the first president of the United States was extensively featured in a number of stamps.

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The one that is of interest is the three cent B grill stamp in rose printing. This stamp is widely known by philatelists as the Washington-Franklin issue and part of the attraction to collectors is the fact that only a portion of the U.

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S Postal Service watermark appeared on the stamp and each stamp was different with the watermark appearing in a backwards, sideways or topside position. This stamp was a copy of the famous painting by John Vanderlyn and a feature of the stamp was an unusual double-printed vignette, with normal and inverted printing applied.

Another Benjamin Franklin stamp makes it into the top ten, this one being credited as one of the oldest stamps in existence. The plates for these stamps were set by hand and stamps often required further cutting to adjust their position. This had the effect of producing a range of stamps with their own slight variations on the original design. Only two mint samples and no more than used Benjamin Franklin stamps from this collection are known to be in existence.

This the name given to the stamps that were produced in because they were regularly used by American missionaries on the island to write letters to people across the way in the United States. The very first stamps were poor quality and crudely printed when they were first produced and therefore very few have survived the passage of time.

Alternative Investment Coach. Alternative Investments Collectables. Share on Facebook. Top 10 Rare Chinese Stamps.What draws people to stamps? Why do we get a thrill from seeing Wonder Woman, astronauts, presidents and Americana on these small pieces of affixable paper? Those most devoted to the collection of stamps—philatelists—are readying themselves for a giant moment. In October, the collection of U. Gross will go up for auction at Robert A.

Siegel Auction Galleries in New York. As philately readies itself for a major reveal, we look back at 10 of the rarest stamps in American history. Debatably the rarest stamp error in U. Philately, like many other hobbies, enjoys the self-referential: this was the first plane used to deliver mail.

A printing error caused the blue vignette—the airplane and the air around it—to be printed upside down, while the red border framing the scene was printed correctly. The error only appeared on a single sheet of stamps, which has since been broken up, so that mostly single examples of the stamp exist, though there remain two blocks of four.

The Jennies—military biplanes—were modified for government airmail service with extra fuel tanks, a different engine, and a hopper for mail. They often crashed. In fact, the very first U. Post Office Department airmail flight on May 15, ended in disaster. The year is a huge one for stamps: this was the first year that you could purchase stamps from the United States government and affix them to a piece of mail as a method to prepay for its delivery the legislation was passed in These are examples of the very first U.

Federal stamps. Naturally, a great deal of correspondence was exchanged before —the United States Post Office Department was established in —but those letters were mostly paid for by the receiver.

Benjamin Franklinwho along with George Washington graced the first stamps, has a fascinating history with the post, filled with intrigue. Inupon his return from England, Franklin was named postmaster general of the independent colonies by the Continental Congress.

But long before, the Crown had named him postmaster general of the American colonies ina post he shared with William Hunter. The Stamp Actpassed by British Parliament inoften cited as one of the immediate causes of the American Revolutionwas, in fact, a tax. While the money demanded by the act was quite low and the act was repealed the following year, the damage was done. The colonies were incensed at the notion that they could be taxed by anyone outside their elected assemblies. Mob violence and intimidation followed, forcing stamp tax collectors to resign their positions and driving away ships carrying stamp papers at seaports.Fill in the rest of your details and you can start bidding.

Following the issue of the first stamp in the world the Penny Black instamps became one of the most desired collectible objects in the world. Stamps are not only collected for historical and cultural value, but also because they can earn the lucky owner a lot of money. Some are valuable thanks to printing errors, others because of their short-lived existence and rarity. Keep an eye on our stamp auctionsas now and then we have a copy up for auction!

However, contrary to popular belief, it is actually the frame that is inverted rather than the swan. Rather than a postage stamp, the Red Mercury was used for mailing newspapers. These stamps possess an image of the Roman god and were printed in yellow, red and blue depending on a number of newspapers in the bundle. The Hawaiian Missionaries were the first stamps to be produced in Hawaii and were predominantly used in correspondence between missionaries, hence their name.

It is rumoured that two of these stamps were lost when a famous stamp collector was murdered in Only copies managed to make it through printing, which is why the Inverted Jenny is valued so highly.

A 9-Kreuzer stamp has the face value of 9-Kreuzer and is colored pink, whilst the 6-Kreuzer stamps were green. However, an error in printing meant that a batch of 9-Kreuzer stamps was colored green, rather than pink.

The stamp has been sold more than once, each time climbing with value, so it may be on its way to taking the number one spot on the list in the future. A delivery of stamps from London to British Guiana in had been delayed and so the 1c Magenta was created in limited numbers to ensure continued trade and communication on the island. If you are lucky enough to own one of these rarities, or other stamps that you'd like to sell online, our auctions are a great place to start.

Begin your stamp adventures and get your collection off to a flying start at one of our many stamps auctions. Discover more Stamps I International Stamps. Create your free account today and explore our weekly auctions curated by our team of experts. How it works. Complete your details.Postage stamps commemorate the people and events that shape the United States.

In this collection of the most valuable American stamps, we highlight not only the history portrayed but some of the other features that make them valuable.

As you see, many of these predate the 20th century and are very rare items. These contribute significantly to the hive values they carry for collectors and dealers. Presently, only of these stamps exist. Cross-country deliveries from New York to San Francisco became commonplace by the s.

Image source: Commons.

The 10 Most Valuable U.S. Stamps

Several stamps on our list of the most valuable US stamps were crafted in the Civil War era and the years shortly thereafter. One such is this two-cent Andrew Jackson stamp.

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The stamp commemorates the seventh president of the United States, Andrew Jackson, whose term spanned from to Embossed letters, known as grills, serve as devices against the illegal use or forgery of the stamps. According to ScottOnline. Stamps appear on list of most valuable American stamps because they are very rare. Benjamin Franklin is one of a number of non-presidential figures who are immortalized on stamps.

The Franklin stamp finds itself within a series of stamps including presidents Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Coincidentally, these stamps were created just two years after the end of the Civil War. The Mississippi River and St. The Trans-Mississippi Stamp celebrates the creation of a 6, ft-long arch bridge over the Mississippi River to connect the eastern and western halves of the United States. The admission ticket for the Republican National Convention held in the city provides the centerpiece for the stamp.

Some of the most valuable US stamps, such as this one and the Inverted Jenny, did not assume their originally intended appearance. As such, the Bureau employed stamps to raise money for this effort and needed colors for many other stamps. Therefore, only one color presents itself on this stamp. Image source: MysticStamp. This stamp of the third president of the United States saw its first known use on the second day of An estimated one million of these stamps were issued, produced on a flat plate and without any watermark.

In fact, customers purchased only 21, of the 27, produced. The unsold stamps were destroyed.

Selling Your Stamps

However, the stamp, even inwould have been one of the most valuable American stamps. Collectors displayed great interest in the stamp and European collectors eagerly sought the Columbian stamps from American tourists there. The 16th president of the United States served during the most divisive.

The likelihood of Civil War loomed over the country when he took office in This Lincoln stamp has a black background and bears the postage rate of 15 cents.

His likeness dons the first stamp issued by the Bureau of Engraving and painting for postal use. It could have appeared on a list of the most valuable US postage stamps in because it already came at a high price and very few were printed. Collectors, however, did not experience gains.

As a result of that and the limited Supply at rollout, this stamp ranks as one of the rarest on our list of most valuable u. The stamp does not have a watermark.We present you the rarest and most expensive stamps, but this is not an all-encompassing set. Various nuances, such as a secret mark or a curl, not obvious and not evident at first sight, can make an ordinary stamp expensive.

So not every stamp that looks like a stamp that appears on this page can be that expensive. If you want to identify your stamp that looks like one of the stamps on this list, you need to check all of its varieties this information is available to our subscribers on our website. The material produced by Great Britain is the Royalty of philately. British issues are the most well-known and popular stamps collected worldwide. These philatelic items are an important part even of the most sophisticated collections.

The UK has an attractive and extensive selection of highly desirable stamps, proofs, trials, essays, errors, and postal history. Postal services have been around for over years, but postage stamps were first introduced in the year in Great Britain.

The first ever stamp released was the Penny Black, which was engraved with the profile of Queen Victoria. After this grandiose event each stamp had to be cut out of a big sheet with scissors, and it was only in that perforated stamps, which could be easily detached from one another, were introduced. As Great Britain was the pioneer in creating stamps, there are many British philatelic items that are scarce and very expensive today.

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In such a way they present a great investment opportunity for collectors. The stamps are even accepted as donations by UK charities. There is only one specimen left for this most expensive ever. British Guiana was released in in a small number of one- and four-cent stamps for provisional use while the postmaster waited on a shipment of postage from England.

This valuable item was included in our ranking as it was produced in British Guiana that was one of the British colonies at the time. It became independent of the United Kingdom only in May Multiple copies of the four-cent stamp have survived, but the one-cent item displayed here is the only one of its kind in the world.

11 Most Valuable American Stamps in 2018

The stamp contains the handwritten signature of the postmaster E. For the first time, the stamp was found by a year-old boy and went through numerous collectors' hands until John du Pont bought it in Later it was purchased by an anonymous stamp collector. Penny Red is considered to be Great Britain's longest running stamp. It succeeded Penny Black and was issued in The color of Penny Black was changed because of difficulty in seeing a cancellation mark on the item.

The black cancelation was better discerned on the red background of Penny Red.

rare stamps

The rarest and most valuable variation of Penny Red is a plate 77 Penny Reds, which date from Thought by collectors as the holy grail of philately, this plate was not meant to exist. The stamps were created but never sold by post offices after they were not considered to be of good enough quality.In the leading auction houses conducted a great number of outstanding sales, providing collectors with an opportunity to acquire real philatelic gems.

Some lots that were auctioned during the previous year rarely pop up on the market that is why their appearance ignited a philatelic furor. To find the value of your stamp please enter a brief description such as the scene or the words represented on your stamp, denomination and color use only simple colors of your stamp.

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If you prefer to get more results with less accuracy please use less words to describe the stamp — sometimes it could be better way to find what you need. To optimise the results of your search and to make it more precise, we recommend narrowing its criteria. For instance, instead of flag 34c searching for flag 34c USA united we stand will help you to find the desirable stamp quicker. Try to cut your stamp as smooth as possible and then push Submit button. We use cookies to personalize our content and to improve your user experience.

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rare stamps

Upload your stamp's photo. Or browse advanced stamp catalogue. Espana franqueo impresos 5 green correos cinco mils de escudo. Kansas territorial centennial 3c brown u. Champion of liberty 8c Jose de San Martin hero of the andes. Lucky Stamps' Finders. Top 15 philatelic sales of the year In the leading auction houses conducted a great number of outstanding sales, providing collectors with an opportunity to acquire real philatelic gems.

Helpful Terms. How to search stamps. To make more close match please add more details of your stamp in request. Let's say you have a stamp like this: To optimise the results of your search and to make it more precise, we recommend narrowing its criteria. Low focused request:. Step 1. Make a right photo of your stamp. Shoot the stamp strictly vertical. The photo should be in focus. Do not use flash and avoid bright light spots. Do not shoot multiple different stamps at once.

10 Most Valuable and Rarest Postage Stamps in History

Step 2. Upload the stamp photo. Do not show this tip again. Crop your image. Step 3.


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